Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July Weekend

This morning we dropped the Bambino off at day care and she cried.
Then I walked back to the car and felt awful inside.
The whole drive to work, I just kept replaying her little giggle and all our fun activities from the weekend, over and over again in my head.
I'm sure by now, she is running around with her friends, hoping that she can play all day.
But here I am, still missing her sweet face.

So as a coping mechanism, here are some of my favorite snapshots from our 4th of July weekend.
I apologize for the baby photo overload.
But I miss my kiddo. Sorry!

We played. We BBQ'd (almost everyday in the past 5 days). We watched movies (remind me to tell you about how upset I am that the Silver Linings Playbook movie is not the same as the book). We had the best little weekend.

Can't wait to give her a big hug when I pick her up today.


  1. she is so adorable! i mis sher so much, give her a big hug from me when you go pick her up


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