Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LOCAL VISITS: Tachella Farms

This past Saturday we had the great idea of going to pick some fruits.
We headed out to Brentwood to Tachella Farms.
If you've ever been to Brentwood, you'll know that every 10 steps is a different farm.
So why'd we pick this farm?
According to the Husband's research, this farm has a variety of fruits to harvest.
And with a bambino on board, who is learning to adjust to a new schedule, we thought it was best to hit up a farm that had a wide variety to minimize our travel. Crazy how your thought process changes when you have a kiddo.

So to Tachella Farms we went.
We had actually planned to go for the past 2 weekends.
But mister weatherman said that it'd be in the triple digits.
No, thank you.

This past weekend it said low 80's.
When we got there, it felt like a million degrees. I'm not even exaggerating.
Okay, I am. More like triple digits.
And to top it off, this rookie mom forgot the sunscreen and hat for Mia.
#winning #not #isuck

So we picked. And we tried to stay shaded.
We got some nectarines, apricots and blackberries.
I've never had either apricots or blackberries before.
Apricots were great. Blackberries were not.
Mia loved them all. Such a good food eater. Did I mention she loves broccoli?
She quickly got the hang of picking fruits.
And loved running around the farm.

Sorry about the picture overload.
But those overalls.
So adorable!

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  1. YUM! I've never done the pick your own fruit thing. Great pictures, looks like you guys had a blast!


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